These lay articles are composed based on Dr. Chen and others’ research findings for the lay audience. For more detailed research results, please refer to the “reference(s)” session at the end of each article or contact Dr. Chen. 

PPAR-delta, the New Potential Treatment for Metabolic Syndrome, May Be Produced by Your Own Body

Metabolic syndrome has become a major health concern in modern society. Recently, a substance called PPAR-delta has been identified as a potential therapeutic remedy for the treatment of metabolic syndrome.

The Leaner You Are, The Easier To Keep Lean!

We may have found the answer for why it is so hard for the beginners to lose body fat. And we know how to solve this problem. For the beginners who are frustrated for the slow adaptation, you can blame the higher percent body fat. To solve this problem, simply keep going and the association between high percent body fat and blunted adaptation will be gone after several weeks of training.

Don't Want to Lose Muscle Mass While Dieting? Take BCAAs!

By stimulating protein synthesis and diminishing protein breakdown, BCAAs provide many appropriate mechanisms for gaining muscle mass and preventing muscle loss. Besides whey and pure BCAA supplements, many common whole food sources, such as meats, fishes, and egg, contain a great amount of BCAAs. 

Should Women Do Resistance Exercise?

Resistance exercise not only increases muscle mass and strength but also brings many health benefits such as developing higher basal metabolic rate and bone mineral density. Muscle mass gain with resistance training depends more on the original amount of muscle mass than on gender. Moderate resistance exercise makes women look fit and toned but not bulky.

The Secret Power in Eggs– Its Fat!

Fats in eggs provide energy for physical activities and improve exercise performance and recovery. Beside fats, eggs contain many essential nutrients such as proteins and vitamins that are important for muscle growth and metabolism. Therefore, we can actually consider eggs as a superfood for athletes.

Resistance Exercise: a less painful start for losing weight and fighting obesity for those with low aerobic capacity

Even without good aerobic capacity, overweight and obese people can start resistance exercise and see improvement in reaching exercise goals. The increased muscle mass with resistance exercise training may enhance basal metabolic rate at rest, which further induces a higher energy expenditure.

Resistance Exercise: Turning the Bad into Good

In this time of high fat and high cholesterol diets, resistance exercise may be a good solution for turning the bad into good. Dietary cholesterol may contribute to better muscle health while fat can provide energy when combined with adequate resistance exercise training.